Terms and Conditions

Rights and obligations

Article 1: Trainings hours
  • 010 Trickz maintains the rights to change the Training hours, -place, -program etc.
  • On official holidays the 010 Trickz facility has its legal right to close its doors to the public.

Article 2: Risk and Liability:
  • The use of the trainings facility, or the taking of classes, workshops or activities are completely at your own risk.
  • 010 Trickz does not accept any form of liability caused by material or immaterial damage suffered due to injury or accident.
  • 010 Trickz does not accept any liability caused by damage, loss or theft of personal property.

Article 3: Legal Procedures
  • .On any of these conditions and legal agreements by or through 010 Trickz, only by application of Dutch law.
  • Any disagreement settled by law wil happen by a competent judge in the legal district where 010 Trickz is established.
  • By payment the participant acknowledge to accept the house rules and general terms and conditions.