010 Trickz


010 Trickz designed this state of the art facility for all urban sports.

Being the home of the worlds biggest Airtrick!!! (10m x 12m - one piece-) A custom made inflatable tricking mat created to throw your wildest Trickz. We also have a custom made freerunning park build around a awesome foam pit with build in trampolines and crazy barz set up!

We have a 010 Trickz plyo floor (12m x 12m) specially designed for Martial Arts Tricking so you can get the maximum carnage out of your session!!! Next to our awesome 010 Trickz plyo floor, we have a complete spartan workout corner and an insane Calisthenic Park with everything you need for your workout. Go H.A.M. or Go Home!!

For the Ladies and everybody who likes Pole Dance Fitness we have a special corner with spinner / fixed poles where you can practice your pole dance trickz in our open gym. Lessons & workshops for Pole Dance Fitness coming soon.